I don’t want to say the wrong thing, which I always do. I think I do better when I sing.
— Ella Fitzgerald

Louisa Revolta is a creative whirlwind born and raised in Winchester, UK. Music has always been her passion and she performs professionally all over the world. Her specialism is in Jazz singing, scat improvisation and vocal mimicry. One highlight of her singing career was the Ella Fitzgerald Centenary concert which she performed in September 2017 to a sell out audience. Louisa’s improvisation skills have enabled her to play alto saxophone for Hed Kandi internationally and for several other club nights playing live to a DJ set. She has also played alto sax for the Tuba Libres, Head Rush and several other function bands across the south. She teaches singing, saxophone and piano and has lead and arranged music for vocal workshops and choirs. Louisa also frequently works as a session musician. She is one of the directors of Winchester Jazz Festival which was started in 2016 and is actively involved in facilitating performance opportunities. for local musicians.


In 2011 Louisa established the internationally acclaimed vocal harmony group The Spifire Sisters and has written and produced several albums for them. They continue to tour across the south of England and perform to sell out audiences. Louisa works as part of the team at Vintage Keys Studio in the New Forest. She writes and produces for several other groups and performers and is always happy to discuss collaborations. Louisa is recently established a songwriting workshop with musician and composer Steve Christie which happens at The Railway, Winchester on the first Wednesday evening of the month.

Photograph by Doug Revolta